Theme! Forbidden Island

Now that some of the nuts and bolts are over with, it’s probably a good time to start talking about theme.   I have been considering it to be kind of explorers on a island that is controlled by a kind of tiki god sort of thing.  Perhaps with different boss levels for the different elements (lava, water, wind, earth) .. something of that nature.

With opportunities for both player vs player and player vs game/bosses.   I don’t have some elaborate game tree right now.. so , for the moment… what I can provide is a ‘vision board’ … one of those hippy things where you post a bunch of pictures and that’s supposed to provide some level of focus / inspiration.

Also, I am not an artist.. I have no idea how to execute the art on this thing.  Will be a learning experience for sure, if I don’t cave and hire a starving artist or something.

Inspiration #1 is the old Fireball Island board game.  We had this when I was a kid, and it was fun.. circa 1986.  The gist was getting to the top of the mountain where there was this statue where if you rolled a bad card a red marble was released and that would roll down different channels in the game and knock your pieces over.

Anyways, this is what I was thinking about.  And, on my game I hope to build a rotating head that can spit pinballs out.. that will be the first technical / build a mechanism type challenge.  But, again.. this is about vision, not implementation.

Other inspirations..

I found this image in a click bait article at the bottom of CNN or something.  Looks like it was stolen from some game called “Viking: War of Clans” per Google reverse image searchunnamed

Additionally, I think also via some clickbait over to Atlas Obscura.. There are actually some real caves with cool faces all over it in Italy of all places.


And last but not least, the Disneyland Enchanted Tiki Room

That’s about as far as I’ve gotten into it, but that’s the vision so far as it is.

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