Functional Cabinet

To get started with actually building something to attach flippers to and bat a ball around, I need a temporary cabinet to mount the two playfields to.  I have been debating how to mount the playfields to the cabinet, meeting the following requirements:

  • Easily removable for when it’s time to replace the wood (I will probably go through a few playfields), or drill new holes, etc
  • Serviceable in that , full disassembly shouldn’t be required to do something quick on the bottom like adjust a switch
  • Keep the playfields at a standard pinball angle of 6-6.5 degrees

Anyways, I have my first attempt at this here:

Additionally, I have completed all the classes at Makerplace that are required to use the CNC machine.

  I’ve got a build job ready to go for the panels, can fit it all in a half sheet of plywood


So, hoping to get these cut out this weekend

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