1 ramp printed

Finalizing CAD of the ramp.. I ended up bringing all my playfield parts over from OnShape to fusion 360 so I could really adapt the flow of the ramp to the two playfields more precisely, saving on iterations (in theory)

full playfield

After tweaking it, and then trying to get my 3d printer to cooperate, I at least have one of them printed now.  And due to me running out of white ABS filament, can see how i broke the ramp up so that both playfields can still be lifted / rotated away from the center bridge section and not have to disassemble anything.

Of course, things don’t line up perfectly.. one grey section is perfectly aligned to the white junction, and the other two are low (not even on the same playfield).  I am thinking though a 1″ steel ball bearing isn’t going to care about 1mm offset, but i may just shim up the low ones with a washer or two when ready to screw them in.

Hope to print the second ramp this weekend, and Acetone vapor polish all of it.. these things will take a beating and feel the acetone bath really fuses the layers together a lot better than printing alone.

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