Closer to turret action

Ok so got the subways for the 360 done in the last post, so now have been trying to design/print the top size turret.    Got that printed today.


I positioned my test jig over where this will all be placed on the game.  So, everything below the plywood will be under the plywood. in the game as well.


The last piece of the puzzle (before software), is the ~2″ gap between the ball trough and the bottom of the turret piece.   Can see this gap at the end of the video I posted of the 360 degree action.

I’ve also been debating a new tool for the workshop to help this..  not sure if hobby CNC, welding rig, or just buy some more time at maker place is best approach.   Either way not sure plastic is going to cut it for this ramp and may need to do a little bit metal work regardless, we’ll see.

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