MakerPlace San Diego

Always looking for an excuse to learn new tools and processes, I joined Maker Place San Diego this past week.  Classes signed up for so far:

  • Vector 2D class – Many of the CNC type machines work with vector graphics (SVGs, etc).  I’ve been learning Inkshape at home.  So far, I don’t see the need to buy Corel Draw or Illustrator but we will see.
  • VCarve – this is the CAM software for the CNC Router at MakerPlace.  This takes your SVG and makes G-Code (this is a popular command language that just about all X/Y/Z robot gantry type things use in the wild).  My 3D printer uses this as well.
  • CNC Router – Operation of that particular piece of equipment / Safety checkout.  CNC routers are very handy for the many holes that go into a playfield between inserts (the lenses), brakets above and below, mechanisms, ball guides, lights, etc.. an empty playfield looks like swiss cheese
  • Plasma CNC – same thing as above, but metal.   I don’t know how useful this is going to be, but they had an opening so I snuck into the class.  Certainly is cool

    I am realizing though with my preliminary activities, I probably should suck it up and take the basic woodworking class.  I haven’t used a band saw since middle school, and that was a long ago.

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