June Update

Have been struggling with what the top 1/3 of the game is going to be like.


This was the first pass..  two pop bumpers behind a set of 3 drop targets.  This didn’t work at all in practice due to the amount of space on the underside required to mount the assemblies.   So, it’s fitting that this one looks like a Cyberman crying.  also note that I tried to do this the partial cut / coupon way as well, conserving wood as a iterate.

Since then i’ve been looking around at other games for ideas.  Right this second I’m looking at copying a feature from Spiderman home edition / Supreme pinball.


The Doc Ock zone is a set of 3 drop targets making the side of a triangle with a target at the opposite vertex.   Experiments with that are ok except there’s little room for much else in the upper playfield area then so not sure if i’m quite happy with that either.

Lots of mulling about right now.. hopefully will have some inspiration soon.  Guess I need to go out and play some more location games to see if there’s something else I want to poach.



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